If you have tried a hand at digital marketing, you know it can sometimes be challenging. The secret is identifying the best practices you can utilize to ensure you achieve the best desired results. When it comes to SEO, some practices are a must-do if you want to achieve the highest level of optimizing the search engine. The hard truth is, if your page does not rank on the first page of the search engine, then your brand may be invisible online. Many users do not get past the first page of the feed results.

Almost everyone uses the internet in this time and age, a perfect platform to market your brand. Through the best SEO company Perth, you can adopt these SEO best practices to achieve digital marketing in 2020.

Discover search intent first when creating content

When creating digital content, it is crucial to align it with the search intent. Search intent refers to why the user has made the search query. Take the example of two users. One enters the search query, ‘how to make sandwiches’ and the other ‘buy sandwiches.’ The search engine, like google or bing, understands that those two different buyers have different intentions. The first one wants to learn while the second one wants to buy and will produce different results.

If you want to rank higher on the search engine, you should understand the search intent and create content that satisfies it. The content can be informational, commercial, or navigational. That way, Google will quickly pick your information and convey it to the user.

Use relevant keywords

Keywords are essential in search engine optimization. Relevant keywords apply to every industry. They refer to the specific words the users use to enter the search query. Or the particular phrases potential users use to find information on the search engine. When creating content, please choose the right keywords for your brand, and use them in high volumes to get high volume ratings on the search engine. You can use an SEO company’s services since you need to research the extensive keywords the potential customers of your industry use. That way, you can ensure that the language you use across your website encompasses the relevant keywords according to your brand and industry.

Use engaging titles and meta descriptions.

The title and meta description notify the user of what your site is all about. When creating content, use compelling titles but be sure to include the target keywords. Use a title that aligns with the search intent. It should be brief but descriptive and avoid keyword stuffing. The title helps the user decide what result to click on depending on what they are looking for.

Meta descriptions give a short description of what the page is about. According to Google, a meta description convinces the user that your page is what they are looking for. Your meta description should be accurate, unique, action-oriented, capture the search intent, and include the target keywords.


As you adopt SEO best practices, do not forget to make your website design appealing and user-friendly. Note that all the efforts you put in increasing your online visibility direct users to your site. If it is user-friendly and the client can navigate properly, it means more sales for you. If not, they will leave and move on to the next search engine suggestion.