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Three Digital Marketing Trends That Can Bring You Closer To Your Customers


To live in an enterprise, you have to move where the customers are, online more than ever. In truth, “greater than 1 / 4 of U.S. adults say they’re ‘nearly continuously online.'” This is one of the greater startling records from Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report, which includes observations on how customer behaviors are moving and how that shift will affect virtual advertising and advertising in the destiny.
Here are 3 digital marketing traits that Meeker highlighted and my advice on how you can benefit from these trends to get towards your clients and grow your advertising campaigns’ probabilities of success.

Three Digital Marketing Trends That Can Bring You Closer To Your Customers 1

1. People Love Visuals, Videos, And Voice

According to Meeker’s record, Americans spent 6. Three hours a day, the use of digital media in 2018, an increase of seven% from 2017. People are getting their information from many resources as properly, which in my revel in can make it harder to seize the average customer’s attention — but here’s the way to do it.
Images: As Recode states in its summary of Meeker’s report, “pics are increasingly the way with the aid of which human beings communicate, as technology traits like quicker wifi and higher cellphone cameras have recommended a surge in image taking. More than 50 percent of Twitter impressions now involve posts with snapshots, video or other media.”

Take the time to ensure that your visuals appropriately constitute your emblem picture. Choose fonts, photos, images, and emblems that reflect your logo. Make sure they’re all consistent. Then, use social media to get your photographs in front of your customers. Video: According to Meeker’s report, Americans spent 28% of their each day video watching time on digital video in 2018 compared to twenty-five% in 2017. And the consumption of video is anticipated to preserve development.

To make video work for you, start by generating a couple of variations of each of your video commercials and tailoring them for distinctive structures. Some films can be longer depending on the opening; for example, maximum Facebook customers are probably no longer signing onto the platform mainly to look at videos, so shorter ads, which might be just a few seconds long, are probably extra suitable to the website online. Conversely, YouTube customers actively seek out video content and can be more amenable to watching longer videos.

Voice: Voice-based era is growing, and its significance is the simplest beginning to be realized. Meeker states that the installed base for Amazon Echo is as much as 47 million devices.
Voice seek already beginning to make inroads into traditional search engine advertising and marketing, so make sure you’re prepared. Begin by optimizing your content for voice, no longer just conventional search engine marketing.

The primary guiding principle of search engine optimization applies: Provide users with the maximum beneficial and relevant enjoyment. Start by determining what questions your target market is probably to ask and then upload content for your internet site that answers the one’s questions. Answer them immediately and in a conversational tone, keeping in mind that the content could be studied aloud by using a voice assistant.

Also, make it smooth for search engines to find out and process the content by developing an FAQ page that uses based information, which, described via Google, “is a standardized format for providing information approximately a web page and classifying the page content.” In short, dependent data enables search engines to understand what a web page is set.

2. Programmatic Ads Are Big

Programmatic advertising — the use of a software program to shop for virtual marketing — is developing swiftly. According to Meeker, programmatic commercials now make up 62% of all digital show advert shopping for.

Forrester predicts that digital advertising spending will attain $146 billion by way of 2023. In another file, Forrester predicts that there might be “a brand new emphasis on nice over amount, a dynamic as a way to reintroduce human intervention into programmatic ad shopping for.” This trade will, in all likelihood, praise those who’ve built their solutions units and bolstered their crew for that marketplace increase.

Ensure that your teams understand programmatic advertising and marketing capabilities and all of the platforms and answers that guide those efforts. The important advertising platforms (Google Ads, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many others.) have already got built-in programmatic elements like dynamic bidding that advertisers can take advantage of right away.